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Process FMEA according AIAG – VDA Manual Free Template

Process FMEA according AIAG – VDA Manual Free Template

In such chalenging days, we all want to be prepared for the moment when automotive industry will be back in activity, as it was before COVID-19 (more or less changed :-)).

In the near future, we are convinced that most OEMs will change their CSR(Customer Specific Requirements), in order to include the new FMEA approach as mandatory approach for their projects. This article is a good example to highlight this: . Years 2020, 2021..2023 will pass quickly , so we need to be prepared.

In order to be prepared, we have developed a template which can be used to develop your Process FMEA according new AIAG VDA FMEA manual - 2019.

We are distributing this material for free, according GNU GPL V3 license - it means that you can use it at your free will as long as you will not deny same right by copyrighting the provided material (file and related software). We hope that it will be useful for you!

More, we will start soon to develop a generic web-based software application for this new approach ( new AIAG-VDA FMEA), therefore, we would like asking you to help us improve this template, by providing us your remarks. Despite the fact that it is an XLSX file, this template has several functions superiors to standard template, as, for example automatically calculation of action priority level based on entered Severity, Occurrence and Detection numbers.

Download template by clicking the icon.

Before you proceed to use the tool, perhaps it is a good idea to use this template DiagramaFluxProces.xlsx to review your process understanding.

Your remarks can be addressed to us at:

Stay safe and be prepared for the automotive industry evolution!

We are waiting to meet again soon in the normal automotive industry world!

Alex - write me:

Business Analyst.

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