Definition It is the ability for organizations to respond rapidly to changes in internal and external environments without losing momentum or vision. Info Agility came with supplements for structure and process – improve the reaction time when changes occurs by empower teams to take actions and improve free information flow. This will allow to decrease […]

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AMDE este un acronim pentru Analiza Modului de Defectare și a Efectelor. Conform manualului AIAG VDA versiunea 2019, AMDE este o metodă sistematică, bazată pe lucrul în echipă aplicată pentru: Evaluarea riscurilor tehnice potențiale de defectare a produsului și procesului Analiza cauzelor și a efectelor acestor defectări Documentarea acțiunilor preventive și de detecție Recomandarea acțiunilor […]

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a specialist working in business analysis field. According International Institute of Business Analysis, business analysis is a disciplined approach for introducing and managing change to organizations, whether they are for-profit businesses, governments, or non-profits. By identifying opportunities for improvements Business Analyst facilitate digital transformation of organizations by introducing digital elements. Main responsibilities: […]

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digital transformation

digital transformation Introduction of new digital elements that change the way the company operate its business processes or other management processes. Digital transformation is not just about the technology it is an improvement initiative – has to lead to change the processes and ultimately the organization culture. […]

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Electronic Data Interchange (acronym). The computer-to-computer exchange of formatted data  between trading partners in a standard for or syntax (e.g. VDA, ANSI, ASC X12, UN/EDIFACT). […]

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Definition: First In First Out (abbreviation). It is a method of warehouse management in which the oldest stock of inventory is shipped out first. […]

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FMEA is the acronym for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. According AIAG VDA 2019 manual the FMEA is a team-oriented, systematic, qualitative, analytical method intended to evaluate the potential risks of failure of a product or process, analyze the causes and effects of those failures, document preventive and detection actions and recommend actions to reduce […]

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