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This section contains some IT solutions developed specifically for customers as part of the digital transformation process. Presentations are published with their consent.

Our customers and general categories of digital transformation

On the other hand, we have worked and are working for many clients.

In thousands of working hours we have improved several specific processes.

CARL Engineering and manufacturing

Carl Engineering and Manufacturing

Complete QMS solution including web portal, QMS certification according ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and customer-specific requirements (Renault).

Carl Manufacturing Integrated Management System Policy

CIE Automotive

CIE Automotive ACS Romania

Intranet portal management including development and implementation of specific digital tools to support for integrated management system (IATF 16949, ISO 14001-ISO 45001, GDPR implementation). Activities were performed for ACS RO Pogoanele-RO plant.


Digital transformation of G8D process for a plant.

ELJ Automotive

ELJ Automotive Logo

Develop specific digital tools to improve the traceability and finish goods declaration with actual ERP.


Development of specific digital tools to support digital transformation of several processes: Total Productive Maintenance system, Scrap reporting dashboard, Lectra traceability.

Orhan Holding

Nobel Automotive

The projects was to configure O365 and update forms to improve the Management System (IATF) and support the deployment of Design and Process FMEA. The other project was to create smart documents to assure compliance to MMOG Ford requirements.

Saint Gobain

Sekurit Glazing
Facilitate digital transformation by implementing specific digital tools to support activities related to IATF 16949-ISO 14001-ISO 45001. Configure specific digital tools to support Process and Reverse FMEA within Sekurit Calarasi-RO Plant.



Custom-made software - Warehouse Management System. Development of specific digital tool to manage the warehouses, areas and locations.

Steinel Group

Steinel Company Logo

Develop specific digital tools to transform the quality control performed on flow and in the end of the line.