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Automotive industry company?

Work with us for your processes digital transformation while we are implementing automotive industry practices for you!

Apply digital transformation by optimize your processes while eliminate non-value added activities by using state-of the art methods provided by automotive industry best practices.

Our approach is more than only digital transformation – is about a complete process analysis to improve the performance and standardization, than in the end we will add the needed digital elements. We knows that we need first to standardize the process then we will transform in a digital way .

While we are review the process we are implementing automotive industry specific standards and methods. More, we will support you during implementation with workshops and trainings to get a robust implementation in the end of the project.

Provided services:

We provide as core service digital transformation and support services:

Digital Transformation in 3 steps

Support for digital transformation

and automate your information flow by using smart documents.

  • Digital transformation
    • Processes analysis – find the gap between automotive industry methods and actual status, try to eliminate unnecessary activities including information flow automation
    • Process digital transformation – add digital elements (hardware and software) in the optimized process
    • Continual improvement
  • Development of smart templates by using Microsoft Office automation technologies (macros, VBA..) according to industrial methods needed to be implemented – when possible, we add automation to assure support for automotive industry methods implementation
  • Perform audits on demand (IT security, Process audits, QMS, EMS, OHS..)
  • Car manufacturers (OEMs) suppliers portals administration
  • Windows servers maintenance

Process digital transformation

IT Solutions are 100% custom made for each automotive company based on the analysis performed over entire process which has to be digital transformed. All solutions will be developed by taking in consideration the compatibility with standards and best practices from automotive industry.

Despre transformarea digitala in Romana aici.

Process analysis

While we are analyzing the target process we will identify non-value added activities and risks and we will propose best in class solutions to optimize the process output. We have auditors and experts in processes optimization and IT security, we can perform audits as per your request.

Development of smart templates by using Microsoft Office automation technologies and Office 365/ SharePoint

We develop smart documents to assist you in implementation of automotive industry practices – templates like AIAG VDA FMEA, AIAG FMEA, Control Plan, Work Instructions, Maintenance instructions. The templates contains VBA code to automate the updates, reinforce rules and link documents to data sources.

Starting from macro-powered documents we create SharePoint portals and deploying specific tools to automate regular tasks like reporting and alerting users when changes occurs.

Download from here AIAG VDA Process FMEA template for an example.

Car manufacturers suppliers portal administration

We can help you by manage users and access rights for car-makers suppliers portal.

Windows Servers Maintenance

We can support activities related to your servers starting from simple things like monitoring, create shares, ,manage users rights up to deploy an entire infrastructure by using Hyper-V with full replication over an VPN (Virtual Private Network).