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Development of smart documents and templates

We are using Microsoft automation technologies to make your forms smart

Starting from macro-powered documents we create SharePoint portals and deploying specific tools to automate regular tasks like reporting and alerting users when changes occurs.

Provided services

  • Automate files by using macros (VBA code) embedded, hyperlinks and other user-friendly methods
  • Create interconnection processes between office files (example: Access-Excel)
  • Link excel files to data sources


Our team has technical expertise and many years of experience developing custom VBA applications.

We started to use VBA since 2001 in Microsoft Excel, Access and AutoCAD by creating server-client applications between Microsoft applications.

We use hardly Microsoft Excel because we can create about anything in Excel; dashboards, reports, templates, scorecards, charts, graphs.. so on.

We didn't limit ourselves to Microsoft Excel, we use VBA to other Microsoft solutions like Word, Access, PowerPoint.

Main argument is that this approach is highly effective when the system is initial developed.

During experience earned in more than 20 years of files development we includes in our templates:

  • work instructions for forms / other documents utilization
  • hyperlinks to direct users to explanations with examples included
  • visual management for the fields needed to be filled 

Development of smart documents to support implementation of best practices for automotive industry

Here we, Omnium Software Products team, will support you with various templates needed to implement automotive industry specific practices and standards like Total Productive Maintenance, IATF 16949, FMEA (Design and Process), Statistical Process Control..

When to use VBA

  • you are not sure what you need to accomplish is even within the capabilities of MS Office
  • you need to automate tasks in Microsoft Office applications
  • you need to automate the data exchange between applications

What you can do with VBA

  • transform manual operations into automatically operations, eliminate hours without added-value
  • pull data from all different sources into Excel including SQL, Oracle, .CSV files and others data sources
  • create reports, dashboards by using data from various databases

About VBA

Visual Basic is a computer programming language that allows the creation of user-defined functions and the automation of specific computer processes and calculations.

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Contact us to use our smart documents to support implementation of best practices for automotive industry.

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