How we will work with you?

Our team and your team will re-design your process by using latest web development tools and deliver an improved process which will meet your expectations.

Analyze and plan

Our team will analyze with you the process and propose a concept which includes improvement ideeas based on BIC (best in class) practices from automotive industry.

During analyze and (re)design of processes we use UML language to define and establish with you system functions and requirements, including deployment.

Development and implementation

By using and MS SQL Server together with webforms, webAPI, HTML5, bootstrap and other components we will deliver quickly a functional prototype and install it in your production server.


A| On-premises – install in customer site and managed only by customer’s IT department.

B| continual support service – support and upgrades delivered continual by AEM team including some databases updates, configurations.

C| SaS (software as a service, entirely hosted in AEM server – with support and upgrades included scenario as for B.

D| Leasing (install on a server leased for you). Support and upgrades delivered continual by AEM team.

Continual improvement

As time pass we will add new functions/ new modules to improve installed product by extend basic functionality and optimize existent functions based on our common experience and evolution of BIC practices from automotive industry.