Workstations Digitization for a Renault first-tier supplier

Project overview

Our customer is a multinational company, Renault and Hyundai first tier supplier for composite parts.

Project goal was to review manual processes, improve if possible then develop and implement a digital tool to control phases to eliminate the need of hard-copy workstation documentation.

Together with our customer, Omnium Team has performed the following activities:

  • Analyse each workstation-product documentation and technological phases
  • Identify unnecessary activities and remove them from operations sheets
  • Develop a server side portal to:
  • document products and operations
  • document for each operation phases
  • document product and process characteristics
  • document workstation startup checklist
  • add users and roles, perform a training for key users (production, quality)

Omnium Team

  • Business Analyst in charge of: process analyse from technology and IT point of view, digital tool architecture, infrastructure improvement
  • Engineering and Quality consultant: process analyse and improvement from technology view, product and process quality risks identification


Our customer has positively reversed the risk of a not controlling manufacturing activities including job-setup, increase compatibility with ISO 9001 and Renault ASES requirements (positive remarks from certification bodies and main customer), and, not at last improve process performance by removing non added value activities.

Workshop status dashboard

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