Quality Systems Digital Transformation

About Digital Transformation and Quality Systems

Digital transformation is the process of re-engineering business processes of a company by introduction digital elements that changed the way the company operates the processes.

By Digital transformation we create a connected factory where systems communicate, improve documented information access so you’re not manually jumping between systems.

When discuss about Digital transformation of Quality Systems (and by extension to all management systems for example EMS-Environmental Management Systems and OHS – Occupational Health and Safety Systems) we consider Best in Class practice a web-based application accessible by any employee and partial by collaborators.

Industry 4.0 and Quality 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a known concept now, in 2020. We understand it as the 4th industrial revolution, being in fact the the heyday of digitization started since 20 century.

The term “Quality 4.0” is an extended concept of Industry 4.0, and we consider to be the part of industry 4.0 concept related to quality issues.

Quality 4.0 allows, like Industry 4.0, the improvement of interactions between company processes, short-term of delivery documented information and, not at last, a better control of company information flows.

Why we need this Quality 4.0 approach?

By using Digital transformation we are implementing Quality 4.0 in a way in which all quality management system processes are interconnected, the possibility of human errors is minimized and the control of quality management systems related tasks is maximized.

If your company will base quality system deployment on Quality 4.0, it will address first current barriers caused poor communication and lost documented information.

Loss of documented information is a problem nowadays, a problem caused primarily by staff turnover.

Therefore, a centralized control system of documented information is the foundation of any current quality system.

Omnium Software Products approach

Such application needs to:

  • manage International Standards requirements and related management systems documents and records in a systemic way
  • control documented information flow (workflow based solution)
  • assure easy access to any documented information for all employees

Our approach is to deploy several modules for specific subjects:

Portal Pillars – Quality 4.0

Your company can start by implementing Quality Management System portal based on 2 modules:

  • DCS – Documents Controller System
  • ORC – Online Risks Controller

DCS (Documents Controller System) is a digital tool in charge to assure control of documented information. This is a web-based solution, workflow based developed to control documents proposals, checking, approvals.

ORC (Online Risks Controller) is a digital tool which control documentation of risks, opportunities and preventive actions in an workflow environment.

Both tools are not defined as a “product”, ready to be installed, we will work to modify them according each company internal process.