Online Tasks and Actions Management

Online Tasks and Actions Management (OTAM) is a digital tool that unifies all tasks and actions related activities in a single, centralized web-based repository.

Online Tasks and Actions Management. Main interface

Introduction in issue solving

Issues identification and attempting to identify and prevent potential problems is a typical activity for most companies. Issues impact on a company financial figures can be critical, therefore all companies needs a systemic approach for problem solving.

Most of companies lacks of a systemic problem solving process and a properly documentation of analysis and actions taken to solve identified issues. Properly documented actions provide important historical data
for a continuous quality improvement plan, in simple words a company will not repeat the same mistake!

Not at last, this issue is very important for IATF 16949 and other management systems 3rd party audits.

OTAM model

Our tool implements the basic process of problem solving:

  • problem (issue) identification
  • containment plan
  • re-occurrence prevention

How this solution works for you?

In the Omnium Software products concept, an issue is something to be solved. By solving an issue we consider to establish necessary actions for eliminating the gap between the desired situation (our objective) and the actual situation (current results, figures).

OTAM main functions

Document identified issue

Document the issue then take a photo or upload an attachment. Press Transfer button then the issue will be added to the Unique Issues List.

Plan and follow analyze

Select the issue (from Unique Issues List), select leader (problem solving leader) issue area, analyze level then define the due date. Problem solving leader will be notified automatically.

Define actions/ action plan

Create the action plan and add actions (action, responsible, due date). Action responsible will be automatically notified.

The OTAMService will start to monitor planned actions and alert responsibles.

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