Online Risk Controller

Online Risk Controller (ORC) is a digital tool that unifies all risk-related activities and documentation in a single, centralized repository.

ORC Main interface

ORC features:

  • Define a new risk or opportunity for a process (QMS process or for a specific entity (for example supplier, project..)
  • Asses risk level
  • Review risk level
  • Transfer the risk to Unique Issue List (OTAM module)

How this solution works for you?

Document identified risk

Document identified risk in terms of risk and consequence – what objective is endangered?

Asses risk level

Define the severity and occurrence (probability for the risk to occurs) and this tool automatically will establish the risk level.

Definition of severity, occurrence and risk level is a standardized process. ORC guarantees that company risk tolerance thresholds are employed and followed for risk-related activities across the company by using the possibility to transfer the risk to the Unique Issue List (OTAM application) or to other tool as it is your choice.

Risk treatment

As stated previously, based on identified risk level, the risk can be tolerated or treated. If it is needed to be treated, the risk can be automatically transferred to our / your digital tool used to manage corrective and preventive actions.

When used in tandem with OTAM (Online Tasks and Actions Management) the loop can be closed by automatically recalculation of risk level based on implemented effectiveness preventive actions.

In fact, risk identification and related workflow can be launched from anywhere within our solutions, or yours, only a hyperlink is need to be provided.

ORC deployment model

A| On-premises – install in customer site and managed only by customer’s IT department.

B| continual support service – support and upgrades delivered continual by AEM team including some databases updates, configurations.

C| SaS (software as a service, entirely hosted in AEM server – with support and upgrades included scenario as for B.

D| Leasing (install on a server leased for you). Support and upgrades delivered continual by AEM team.

Need to know more?

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