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How Omnium Software Products develops custom-made applications for automotive industry

How Omnium Software Products develops custom-made applications for automotive industry

Digital transformation we consider to be introduction of new digital elements that change the way the company operate its business processes.

Since 2002 I was involved, as part of my activity into digital transformation (in that time wasn't called in that way). Starting from 2008, when the crisis hit automotive industry, the digital transformation trend was accelerated.

From 2016 until now we gained experience in digitizing many processes for first or second tier suppliers.

First step: Analyse then plan

During this step we will come to your plant, review the subject, goal and process then propose improvements (if applicable).

We are automotive industry specialists in Lean manufacturing, 6SIGMA and systems management, so we will consider all potential issues, starting from GDPR up to IATF 16949, ISO 45001 requirements.

Not at last, we will analyse your IT infrastructure and adapt our solutions to your IT capacities.

Second step: Development and implementation

(C) Omnium Software Products 2020 - Omnium development model

During this phase, we will start development within our virtual development server.

Based on capacities identified in previous phase we will configure the development environment.

Third step: test in a virtual machine

When development is finished we will publish the first release in a virtual server dedicated for your company (as close as possible to your real server as configuration) and start tests for the new application.

If requested, we can open a connection by VPN or other means to our network. In this way you will be able to check the new application, submit improvement proposals and monitor process development.

Finally: Deployment methods

As general, we are able to deploy the applications on-premises, SaS (Software as a Service) and in leasing (a server provided by us).

Read more about Omnium Software Products deployment model..

In present we have a lot of experience regarding hosing your application and related documentation in our server by using a virtual server dedicated for your site.

The connection will be done by using a VPN to our network. Due to high speed connection which we have and good Internet connections existing in Romania and other countries we are able to provide a real time experience for your users (in fact they will not see the difference between a server hosted in your local network and our network).

We have customers which choose this approach, they are working with their digital tools hosted in a virtual server.


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