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Confidentiality information classification

We just published the classification for our documented information to assure the protection of our customers' information.

Confidentiality categoryDefinition
PublicInformation can be made available to interested party without any implication. There is no impact on company operations including customer. Labeling:Public| All rights reserved to Advanced Engineering and Management.
Public| Toate drepturile rezervate Advanced Engineering and Management.
InternalInformation can be transferred only in internal (between processes, departments, employees) or shared with collaborators. Unauthorized access can cause minor disruptions but there are no financial or competitive advantages loss.
For customers: It is forbidden to transmit this file without the written consent of Advanced Engineering and Management SRL Romania.
Customer is not impacted too. Labeling:
Internal| All rights reserved. Distribution allowed within Advanced Engineering and Management and to interested parties.
Intern|Toate drepturile rezervate. Distribuția este permisă în interiorul Advanced Engineering and Management și către părțile interesate.
ConfidentialSensitive business information that is intended only for a closed group. Unauthorized disclosure could negatively impact the company, customers and/ or other interested parties. Labeling:Confidential| All rights reserved. Distribution allowed only on a written consent of owning department.
Confidențial| Toate drepturile rezervate.Distribuția este permisă doar printr-un acord scris al departamentului care deține informația.
Strictly ConfidentialInformation from this category applies to the most sensitive business information and requires permanent control by the information owner. The unauthorized disclosure could have a major impact on company or customer business, supplier or other interested parties. Labeling: Strictly confidential| All rights reserved. Distribution allowed only on a written consent of information owner.