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Case Studies

Here are presented several case studies - projects coordinated by Omnium Team together with the customer team.

Workstations Digitization for a Renault first-tier supplier

Project overview

Our customer is a multinational company, Renault and Hyundai first tier supplier for composite parts.

The project goal was to review manual processes, improve if possible then develop and implement a digital tool to control phases to eliminate the need for hard-copy workstation documentation.

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Incoming Inspection Process digital transformation

Project overview

Our customer is a multinational company, Renault and Hyundai's first-tier supplier for composite parts.

The goal of this project was to perform a digital transformation of the incoming inspection process - completion of actual ERP with QS necessary functions.

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Engineering Specifications Management| Digital transformation for 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers

This project was developed as a general solution for 2nd and 3rd suppliers, companies who develop materials and components for 1st tier suppliers in the automotive industry.

Process to be improved:

  • back-office employee collect customer requirements regarding a new component/material needed to be supplied
  • customer requirements are merged with internal product characteristics to define product and process characteristics, which needs specific approvals by different employees
  • in the end, the new component/ product is transferred to manufacturing

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