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This digital tool can be implemented for customers searching for an application to manage documents based on workflows (e.g. initiation - review - approve - release) and don't have or don't want to use SharePoint.

Documents Controller System - main interface

A digital tool to manage documented information which meets IATF 16949 and other standards' requirements

This tool automates the document control and management
process, from the creation of a document through approval, distribution, retrieval, and disposal.

By using our tool all documents-based tasks will be automated based on workflows.

DCS features

All information in a web interface

  • responsive interface and user-friendly interaction
  • centralized repository
  • controlled accesses to correct revision

Complete document-life-cycle model

  • effective collaboration process
  • process-based approach
  • increased IATF 16949 audit preparedness

Automated alerts

  • automated emails sent to related employees when a task is finished
  • automated warning and notification emails for not approved/ rejected documents

All information in a web interface

DCS is an Intranet web-based portal containing several interfaces which are easy to view, use, and navigate.

The responsive user interfaces will automatically adjust to any screen, whether it’s a desktop computer or any mobile device.

By using Documents List interface you will be able to find documents quickly by using keywords and various searching filters.

When a new revision of a document becomes effective, access to the prior revision will be removed. So, only the current revision will be available. Old revisions are stored in the server for traceability.

Complete document-life-cycle model

This tool is built around workflows defined for each phase of a document life cycle:

  • Document proposal and system integration
  • Document approval and release for utilization
  • Document review/ changing
  • Document disposal
New document workflow initiation

In 3 easy steps: document code (number) automatically creation, title, descriptor and route (who are checkers and approvals) then document upload the approval workflow is initiated.

Automated alerts and escalation

When a workflow related task is finalized related users are notified by emails.

In between DCSMonitoring Service monitor tasks according deadlines and alert users when due dates are closed or were exceeded.

DCS deployment model

A| On-premises – install in customer site and managed only by customer’s IT department.

B| continual support service – support and upgrades delivered continual by AEM team including some databases updates, configurations.

C| SaS (software as a service, entirely hosted in AEM server – with support and upgrades included scenario as for B.

D| Leasing (install on a server leased for you). Support and upgrades delivered continual by AEM team.

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