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Digital Transformation

Omnium digital transformation process

You can use digital transformation to optimize your processes by eliminate non-value added activities using state-of the art methods provided by automotive industry best practices.

Digital transformation means the introduction of new digital elements that change the way the company operate its business processes, according our opinion.

Since 2016, we have successfully digital transform more than 20 processes for different first and second tier suppliers.

How we are performing digital transformation in 3 steps

Process Analysis(1)

Review and improve actual process

Perform process analysis, eliminate non-value added activities then standardize the target process.

Solution Development(2)

Transform process by adding digital elements

Develop custom-made digital elements for the improved and standardized process.


Application installation and release

Perform on cloud or on-premises installation and provide a training for the key user.

Continual improvement

Continue to improve the process

Following digital transformation we will be in touch with you. Based on the received feedback we will propose improvement solutions.

Our experience in processes digital transformation

Starting from data gathering from manufacturing by using specific devices linked to equipment or bar code readers, passing through engineering changes management systems and integrating all data flows in documents/ actions control systems we develop specific applications 100% fits to your needs.

Our applications are developed by a team with large experience in automotive industry related tools and by keeping in mind a process approach of your activities.

Common features

  • Web based (we recommend this approach wherever is possible)
  • Workflow Process based
  • Automatically escalation/ notifications by email or SMS
  • No limitation regarding number of users

Open source code

You have the freedom to choose to continue to work with us or to develop by your own. More, there is no limitation regarding number of users and our solutions are web-based being accessible by everybody from everywhere (inside your company).

Read how you transform your process in 3 steps: Process Analysis >> Development >> Continual Improvement.