Digital Transformation

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Our model

Digital transformation = introduction of new digital elements that change the way the company operate its business processes, according our opinion.

Starting from data gathering from manufacturing by using specific devices linked to equipment or bar code readers, passing through engineering changes management systems and integrating all data flows in documents/ actions control systems we develop specific applications 100% fits to your needs.

Since 2016, we have successfully digital transform more than 20 processes for different first and second tier suppliers.

How we are are working for process digital transformation:

Digital transformation in 3 Steps:

  1. Process Analysis – optimization and standardization, then
  2. Solution development – here we transform your process by adding digital tools
  3. Transfer in production – installation
  4. Continual Improvement
Our Digital Transformation model

Our experience in processes digital transformation – examples

  • Rework process
  • G8D and problem solving
  • Manufacturing/ assembly
  • Internal audit
  • Documents control
  • Incoming inspection
  • Gages management
  • Warehouses transfer declaration from production to shipping

Omnium product development team know-how

  • automotive industry know-how (lean manufacturing, production, quality management, project management, maintenance)
  • System analysis, optimization and design by using UML
  • web programming by using, C# applications development
  • Mobile application development: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Windows native applications by using C#,
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL
  • MS Office automation – VBA
  • Web services development
  • ERP integration -like: SAP, Priority.

Our applications are developed by a team with large experience in automotive industry related tools and by keeping in mind a process approach of your activities.

Common features

  • Web based (we recommend this approach wherever is possible)
  • Workflow Process based
  • Automatically escalation/ notifications by email or SMS
  • No limitation regarding number of users and

Open source code

You have the freedom to choose to continue to work with us or to develop by your own. More, there is no limitation regarding number of users and our solutions are web-based being accessible by everybody from everywhere (inside your company).

Read how you transform your process in 3 steps: Process Analysis >> Development >> Continual Improvement.