Starting from data gathering from manufacturing by using specific devices linked to equipments or bar code readers, passing through engineering changes management systems and integrating all data flows in documents/ actions control systems we develop specific applications 100% fits to your needs.


ECM - Engineering Changes Management| APQP

Control validation process within supply chain with an web based application.

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8D| Corrective and preventive actions process

Manage your analyzis and action plans with a web based solution in your Intranet or hosted by us.

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Production control| Maintenance| Andon

Improve your production efficiency through Andon and lean manufacturing's best in class practices.

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Gages| Tools management systems

Manage your gages and tools with a central repository easy to use.

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First part approval| Internal audit

Thise are web-based applications that helps an organization manage, schedule, assign, and monitor the status of audits, to record, review and track first and last part approve.

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Warehouse expansion systems| Incoming

By adding this module you will be able to manage incoming inspection control plan, perform incoming inspection for materials and components easy (only a tablet for incoming operator), follow automatically material's availability, REACH integration and more..

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Complete Intranet and Extranet web portals

Through Omnium products, AEM develops Intranet and Extranet portals. Intranet Portals are 100% Web-based suites in which you can run all your operations starting from basics proceses like Documents control, Coorective and preventive actions process, internal audit.. These portals integrates your processes, are developed for each customer based on its way of work. During development phase we offer consultancy for process improvement where it is applicable by keeping in mind that duplicate data entry is a waste of business time and other major waste is the time spent for searching.

Following the lean approach to portal design, our products reduce these waste allowing the import of data from outside data sources wherever this is possible.

Extranet Portals are web based application which can help your suppliers to stay up-to-date on the information that helps your company and them to work better together. By using such tool you can communicate last updated manuals, procedures, objectives and other usefull information to your supplier. More, by using specific modules like claims management/8D, APQP, Engineering Changes you can integrate your suppliers in your processes.
Not at last, by using an easy to use interface, you can monitor and evaluate your suppliers performance and automatically escalate issues to supplier's top management when their performance is not according defined objectives.

Why to choose Omnium Products?

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the development of web-based applications for processes improvement.

Best in class methods from automotive industry integrated
We have a rich experience in automotive industry, in various processes, from instrument clusters to seating components manufacturing, in development and serial life.
Web based, easy to use

We develop our application as as simple as possible to be used. One way for achieving this objective is to develop web based applications. In this way, there is only one installation - in your server and the application's interfaces will be accesible from all devices.

100% custom solution

We are an Engineering services provider and not software sellers; we come in your site, map your process and recommend, where applicable improvements; after, we issue Software requirement specification and start the development.

Process based

Our applications are developed by a team with large experience in automotive industry related tools and by keeping in mind a process approach of your activities.

automatically escalation/ notifications by email or SMS
Access to source code
In this way you have the freedom to choose to continue to work with us or to develop by your own. More, there is no limitation regarding number of users and our solutions are web-based being accesible by everybody from everywhere (inside your company).

Contact us and we will reply within several hours

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